The [web] birth of Gay Republicanisms

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Gay Republican?

That’s an oxymoron, right?

Think again.  We’re not a rare, undiscovered species.  Gay Republicans actually exist!  In fact, there are more of us than you can imagine.  But enough about all of those other gays and more about the most important one of them all…ME!

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  No matter what your thoughts are about homosexuality, the GOP, or both, I hope that you find this blog to be informative, thought-provoking, or, at the very least, entertaining.

I consider Gay Republicanisms to be an Authentic Republican Values political commentary.  To me, Authentic Republican Values are: free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, limited, “grass roots” government, sensible taxation, energy independence, innovation, education, American Pride, human rights, world peace, and a strong national defense to protect freedom, the most American value.

While the majority of the content is political in nature, I do often blog about other topics.  Therefore, I refer to Gay Republicanisms as an Umbrella Blog.  I’ve listed the definition for you below because it’s a phrase I coined myself.

Umbrella Blog (noun): A blog containing posts with a varitey of topics.                                                                                   Pronunciation:\ˌəm-ˈbre-lə, especially Southern ˈəm-ˌ\ \ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\
From the Latin: blogulous umbrellius.
See also Gay Republicanisms

The content contained within this blog is an expression of my opinions (which have been formed based on my life experiences), and a reflection of my socio-economic status and mood at that time of posting.  Please be forewarned that I am Republican enough to admit that these opinions may evolve.

Like what you read?  Want to read more? Please check out my websites:

dear [your name here] or       Gay Republicanisms


michael steele, RNC leadership, and @GOPNews (twitter)

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in response to the post “just the beginning” on chairman steele’s blog:

 GOPNews needs an editor-at-large

or it will be beginning of the end if you, chairman steele, and the rnc leadership continue to allow the gop to be portrayed as follows:

@GOPNews WND: ‘Gays’ seek $1M to recruit private-school teachers: Bailout bank’s prize coveted to hype homosexual proms, co… (in a Tweet posted 11:34PM 01-21-2010).

the fact is that this organization/program is seeking to promote equality, understanding, acceptance, and tolerance, not homosexuality. 

in fact, i struggle to think of one organization that exists today with the mission of promoting homosexuality. 

the ones i am familiar with make it their mission to provide equal protection under the law.

i interpret the post from @GOPNews as hate-speak and extremely bigotted. 

in fact, the last time i check our GOP website, sexuality was NOT listed in the “what we believe” section. 

if i missed it please send me a link so that i can read our position on the matter. 

but since i am positive it isn’t there i ask of you, “why would a “news” source for a major political party publish hate speak or anti-inclusion articles after we have achieve such a momentous victory in massachuessetts?

have we not learned anything from the scott brown election? 

barack obama was at a place similar to ours a little over a year ago.

look at his predicament now.

public support and opinion change direction like the wind.

when you have it you have to maximize it and stay on message.

not attract unwanted press by allowing some paper pusher to blast anything they think is a GOP issue or talking point to millions of people via twitter/the internet.

i ask that you put more thought into who administers the GOP internet media accounts. 

how are you, the leader of the party, supposed to promote our message of being an umbrella party when sources from inside your “administration” publish comments on articles like the one i mentioned.


conan v nbc: dispute settled

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i’m sitting here watching the tonight show with conan o’brien and find myself legitimately upset that’ tomorrow night will be his last night.  it sucks but that’s business. i don’t think, however, that the tonight show franchise will fully recover.  to me, it feels like the end of an era.  jay leno is a good guy.  i just feel like his approach to the show and his comedy stylings are out of touch with my generation.  i feel like my generation relates far better to conan than to jay.  the only complaint i have with conan on his way out the door is the money he is wasting on these new characters.  while i do feel like it’s funny and it’s a way to stick it to nbc…why not figure out a way to funnel that money into a charity?  i hope he at least auctions off the “characters”  and donates that money to charity.  i really enjoyed ben stiller’s dig at nbc for their wastefulness (although i know it was meant to express how ludicrious it is to cancel conan for “poor ratings” after such a short time).  here’s hoping that conan makes his way to fox or abc soon.

you learn something new every day!  barry manilow wrote the “i am stuck on band aid brand so germs won’t stick on me” and the “like a good neighbor, state farm is there” jingles.


dear bloggers

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“all the world is full of suffering. it is also full of overcoming.”
–helen keller



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fantastic website!