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michael steele, RNC leadership, and @GOPNews (twitter)

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in response to the post “just the beginning” on chairman steele’s blog:

 GOPNews needs an editor-at-large

or it will be beginning of the end if you, chairman steele, and the rnc leadership continue to allow the gop to be portrayed as follows:

@GOPNews WND: ‘Gays’ seek $1M to recruit private-school teachers: Bailout bank’s prize coveted to hype homosexual proms, co… (in a Tweet posted 11:34PM 01-21-2010).

the fact is that this organization/program is seeking to promote equality, understanding, acceptance, and tolerance, not homosexuality. 

in fact, i struggle to think of one organization that exists today with the mission of promoting homosexuality. 

the ones i am familiar with make it their mission to provide equal protection under the law.

i interpret the post from @GOPNews as hate-speak and extremely bigotted. 

in fact, the last time i check our GOP website, sexuality was NOT listed in the “what we believe” section. 

if i missed it please send me a link so that i can read our position on the matter. 

but since i am positive it isn’t there i ask of you, “why would a “news” source for a major political party publish hate speak or anti-inclusion articles after we have achieve such a momentous victory in massachuessetts?

have we not learned anything from the scott brown election? 

barack obama was at a place similar to ours a little over a year ago.

look at his predicament now.

public support and opinion change direction like the wind.

when you have it you have to maximize it and stay on message.

not attract unwanted press by allowing some paper pusher to blast anything they think is a GOP issue or talking point to millions of people via twitter/the internet.

i ask that you put more thought into who administers the GOP internet media accounts. 

how are you, the leader of the party, supposed to promote our message of being an umbrella party when sources from inside your “administration” publish comments on articles like the one i mentioned.