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dear dear abbey

In Crazy "Ex" on January 13, 2010 by Burke

how do you get rid of a crazy “ex” that constantly cyber stalks you?

i was “dating” this guy.
it was one of those situations where you don’t really like him but he’s better than sitting at home alone on the couch with your dog so you deicde to hang out with him.

well, everything was going great until the 2nd time we hung out.

things got a little fishy.

why i didn’t head for the hills then i’ll never know.

lord knows i’ve had plenty of experience with the crazies before.

i digress–back to the fishy stuff.

he would randomly disappearing for hours at a time for tasks that would take anyone else 20 mins.

he got a “sinus” infection every single time he disappeared.

he lost his wallet in the bathroom stall of a gay bar when he went to pee.

why would you go into the back stall and pull out you wallet?

oh, yeah, every urinal was open.

i found drug paraphernalia in my car after he had used it for an afternoon.

he blamed that on the mexicans he had wash my car.

[insert other random things i can’t remember here]

so, like any smart person, i decided it was time to cut him loose.

now, i’m not good with confrontation.

so, i made up a story that i was on drugs and i wasn’t in a place to date anyone and needed some time to myself to dry out and get help.

i know.

that’s not a very nice thing to do.

but i thought it would work.

i would have bolted for the door.

but, he didn’t.

yet another reason to add to the crazy checklist.

instead he calls my parents and tells them this story about how he’s going to take care of me.

we’ve known each other 2 weeks.

well 4, but i stopped talking to him the last 2 weeks.

then the crazy kicks in.

he randomly shows up at my house, sends me harassing emails, sends me i love you emails, and stalks me online.

not even legal action threats seem to detour him.

can you please offer your advice?