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conan v nbc: dispute settled

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i’m sitting here watching the tonight show with conan o’brien and find myself legitimately upset that’ tomorrow night will be his last night.  it sucks but that’s business. i don’t think, however, that the tonight show franchise will fully recover.  to me, it feels like the end of an era.  jay leno is a good guy.  i just feel like his approach to the show and his comedy stylings are out of touch with my generation.  i feel like my generation relates far better to conan than to jay.  the only complaint i have with conan on his way out the door is the money he is wasting on these new characters.  while i do feel like it’s funny and it’s a way to stick it to nbc…why not figure out a way to funnel that money into a charity?  i hope he at least auctions off the “characters”  and donates that money to charity.  i really enjoyed ben stiller’s dig at nbc for their wastefulness (although i know it was meant to express how ludicrious it is to cancel conan for “poor ratings” after such a short time).  here’s hoping that conan makes his way to fox or abc soon.

you learn something new every day!  barry manilow wrote the “i am stuck on band aid brand so germs won’t stick on me” and the “like a good neighbor, state farm is there” jingles.